Posters for Blink Stefanus Beer (by copywriters Stefanus Nel and Anette Nel as well as design directors and art directors Sarita Immelman, Marcelle Labuschagne and Susan Aukema) won gold at the Pendoring advertising awards on Friday night.

Vanessa Pearson, executive creative director at House of Brave, explains: “Blink Stefanus Beer is a new craft beer that’s a little different from other craft beers. First, it is really great tasting.

Second, it’s made by Mitchell’s in Knysna.

And third, it has a unique and big creative idea behind its name. Mostly, everyone knows what the abbreviation BS implies. Blink Stefanus, of course.

And yes, it’s also a euphemism for bulls***.

A lot of people speak a lot of BS when they drink a lot of beer. Naturally, they speak more BS the more BS beer they enjoy. And that, quite simply, is the human truth behind the big idea and this mischievous new brand.”

Saturday Star