London - Children as young as three are Amazon’s latest target market for its Kindle Fire tablet computer.

The online retailer wants parents to pay a monthly fee to allow youngsters unlimited access to games, videos and books on the device.

To date, the Kindle Fire has been perceived as a tool for adults, but Amazon is keen to spread its use to younger ages.

Its new Kindle FreeTime Unlimited subscription service will let children browse age-appropriate videos, games and books and pick what they want to see.

They will not be shown ads and will be prevented from accessing the internet or social media such as Twitter or Facebook, or making payments.

They can use any of the content available to them as many times as they want, although parents can set time limits.

The service, aimed at children aged three to eight, will be launched in the US in the next few weeks, with the UK and other countries to follow.

It will cost $4.99 (about R40) per month for one child in the US. Family plans allowing up to six children access will cost $9.99 per month.

Peter Larsen, vice-president of Amazon’s Kindle arm, said: “We hope that our devices are really, really attractive for families.” - Daily Mail