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Folks, From our experience in the US, this article is essentially a news release from the driller, Shell. Exactly the same confusions and misinformations as show up in the US are presented here. For example, the article refers to three instances of poisioning of water wells by gas drilling and then tries to say that this cannot be due to processes associated with gas drilling since they happen thousands of feet below ground. PART of the process happens there and much happens in the pipe and the sealing cement slurry that, if not done just right, allows contamination of water - this is some of what happened in Dimock, PA, US with devastating results for people living there and their water, and in many other places with shale gas drilling. The US Environmental Protection Agency is currently engaged in a multi-year study about these sorts of problems with fracking - because of deep concern for these sorts of problems. The prosesses are very risky. Also, the article refers to a new process that uses propane as a fracking substance. There is not one shred of documented independent scientific evidence about the safety, feasibility, and effectiveness of this process. All the information has come from the single company that is promoting the process. There are a number of reasons to be deeply concerned about the usefullness of the propane fracking process and absolutely no good answers. It is like asking the fox about security arrangements for the hen house - just not a good way to reach important decisions. Stanley R Scobie, Ph.D., Binghamton, NY, US
Stanley R Scobie
Wednesday, May 04, 2011

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