A day in the world in 2012

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  1. AHVAZ,IRAN: What to do when you want to dive into the River Karun and there is no rock or jetty handy? One solution is to climb onto the back of a water buffalo. In the long summer in Ahvaz, the temperature can hover at 46 degrees Centigrade for more than a month. Photo: ...
  2. CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: Three pizza delivery workers deliver hot pizza to a member of the salvage crew and crew onboard the Japanese fishing trawler Eihatsu Maru, after it ran aground off Clifton Beach. Photo: Nic Bothma
  3. LAS VEGAS, USA: 'The place was filled with tourists enjoying the evening and alongside the joyful crowd I found these two sorrowful faces in the sea of celebration. She is Clarice Schlegel, 43 from southern California. Robert is not a regular on the street. When, I met ...
  4. IOWA CITY, USA: 'This is a light switch cover that has been there since I started working here in 2001' Photo: Lee Madison
  5. BRAGA PORTUGAL: Natalia Rocha is a self-employed dentist. She is eight month pregnant but needs to work until the last possible day to get paid. Here she relaxes after treating a patient. Photo: Tommaso Rada