‘Bold’ gets hot under the covers


Johannesburg - There’s always something rustling under the covers on The Bold and The Beautiful.

This year, the Emmy Award winning soap is branching out into the publishing world, with a set of romance novels based on the series.

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'Forbidden Affair''Collision Course'

‘The Forbidden Affair’ and ‘Collision Course’ are the titles of the first two novels in what will be a series of eight planned for release in 2014.

The news is sure to delight fans of the soapie, which first aired in 1987. To date, ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ is the world’s most watched soapie, and is broadcast in over 100 countries, with a daily global audience of 35 million.

According to the press release, in ‘Forbidden Affair’ Steffy and Bill re-ignite their passion while trapped together in the rubble of a major Los Angeles earthquake.

In ‘Collision Course’ Taylor gets to know the real Bill after she discovers he is trying unsuccessfully to cover up his severe post-traumatic stress disorder, caused by a near-fatal plane crash.

The e-book will be released worldwide on 28 January.

In April, an additional two novellas in the series will be released.

‘Second Chances’ sees former lovers Rick and Steffy bond when they discover they have both suppressed their profound grief about Phoebe’s death. In ‘Stormswept’ Hope discovers lingering deep feelings for Oliver while sailing to a remote island location off the coast of Australia for a fashion shoot. - Tonight Reporter

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