A guide to Christmas gifts

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Johannesburg The festive season has arrived and shopping is about to become a nightmare, but regardless of how you feel about it, gifts must be bought. Here’s a list of top buys from local stores...

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The festive season gifts. Atlas Mountain Rose gift box R250, The Body Shop
Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng026
The festive season gifts. Pen Revolution R290
Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng182
The festive season gifts. Go Pro Hero3 R999
Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng388
The festive season gifts. French citrine & diamond pendant 5.8carats R13 995
Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng159
The festive season gifts. Bell&Ross vintage collection watch R58000
Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng429
The festive season gifts. Hairmonies doll R199
Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng

For the adornment aficionado

* Bell & Ross watch – R58 000 (Bellagio Cresta)

This vintage collection watch has a strap made of baseball leather. It ages well as the leather softens and darkens.

* French citrine (5.8 carats) and diamond (0.26 carats) pendant and chain – R13 995 (Bellagio Cresta)

* Nomination’s You-Cool bracelets – R699 (Bellagio Cresta)

This gift is great for young adults who want to add colour to their funky outfits but wish their look to remain simple.

For the kids

* Chatimals – R249.90

This cute toy will be lots of fun for both kids and adults. It’s been a best-seller for the past three years because of the laughs you get from your furry friend mimicking everything you say.

* Furby – R799

An electronic robotic toy resembling a hamster/owl-like creature.

* Hairmonies doll – R199

This doll sings and plays an instrument while you comb her hair.

* Amazing Band Keyboard – R99

Great for little budding musicians.

* Thundercats Lion-D – R199

* Barbie Tablet – R499.90

Your little ones can now have their own touch-screen tablets to play with and learn from while you are busy with your own (real) tablet.

* Leap Pad Explorer – R1 499.90

* Baltorinas unique babies – R800 to R1 795

For the gadget fiend

* New iMac 21 inch – R13 699.95

* inCarBite iPad mount – R799 to R999.95

This mount is great for keeping back-seat passengers entertained during the drive. It includes a keyboard stand.

* Shox Max – R199 to R219.95

These pocket-size speakers come in all colours to suit different moods.

* Wii U basic pack – R4 119.95; premium pack – R4 599

* Xbox 360 pack – R3 199.90 (Reggies)

This gift pack includes three games and an extra controller.

For the outdoor devotee

* GoPro Hero3 – R999 (Incredible Connection)

The perfect camera with which to capture all your adrenalin-pumping adventures. It has built-in wi-fi and takes quality HD videos.

* Garmin Forerunner 10 – R1 300 (Incredible Connection)

A simple GPS running watch that tracks your steps, your distance and your calories burnt.

For the beauty buff

* Body butter lollipop – R225 (The Body Shop)

This lovely lollipop-shaped gift pack includes five fragrances of body butter.

* Atlas Mountain Rose gift box – R250 (The Body Shop)

In a book-like package, this gift needs no wrapping and the scent will surely make the receiver extremely happy. The luxurious pack includes perfume and body lotion.

* Knomo laptop bags – R600 to R1 000 (Incredible Connection)

These designer laptop bags are also sold at Harrods and come in a number of colours to complement your look and suit your mood.

For the homeware admirer

* Cantilever Platter – Crouching – R3 875 (Carrol Boyes)

This piece would make for a great way to serve your platters at a Christmas lunch.

* Pen Revolution – R290 (Carrol Boyes)

A great gift for an aspiring writer, a loved one or a colleague. - The Star

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