Allen red-faced after milky mishap

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London - Lily Allen was left embarrassed after her breast milk leaked in public.

The Smile singer and new mom - who recently gave birth to her and husband Sam Cooper's second daughter, Marnie Rose - suffered the mammary emergency after she forgot to put on her nursing pads as she left the house.

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(File image) Lily Allen

Lily wrote on her Twitter account: “Left house without me nipple pads and me tits are leaking. #coldandwet #notLOL (sic)”

The 27-year-old pop star is no stranger to tweeting about her breast milk misadventures to her four million Twitter followers.

When she was nursing her first daughter Ethel - who is now 15 months old - Lily boasted she could shoot her milk “10 feet” from her nipples.

She tweeted: “My let down reflex... is pretty good, 10 feet sounds about right.”

At the same time, Lily also “leaked all over” herself at a top London restaurant after forgetting her breast pads.

All the experiences have led to the musician thinking about her boobs in a different way.

Speaking about her chest, she mused: “Boobs are not just sexy fun bags... They be feeding implements too.” - Bang Showbiz

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