Legends to headline Newtown fest


A 10-minute hologram of Brenda Fassie is just one of the attractions at the Hansa Festival of Legends taking place in Newtown on Saturday, March 23. The imported Holographic Projection Technology will put Brenda Fassie back on stage for a 10-minute performance.

This technology was first brought to the general public a few years back when Tupac was brought back to life. It was so fantastical that the rap legend even interacted with the audience.

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Thembi Seete (above right) with Lebo M performing as Boom Shaka.Kwaito Legends TKZee perform their new and old hits at the MTN Ayoba launch held at the Ennersfree park in Sandton.
Picture:Paballo Thekiso

Hansa say that a team of audiovisual professionals have been working for six weeks to create a specially produced video performance of two of MaBrrr’s most popular songs. The lifesize hologram will be performing with her son Bongani Fassie.

“It has been a dream of mine to perform with my mother again,” says Bongani in a national TV advertising campaign.

The tribute to Brenda will also include tracks performed by The Soil and Kelly Khumalo.

There will also be a tribute to Lebo Mathosa by Zaki Ibrahim.

The musical director of the festival, Bradley Wiliams, said: “We have chosen Zaki because in 2013 she is doing what Lebo was doing in the late ’90s. Zaki is the voice of the now generation. She is working with producers like DJ Kent, Black Coffee and Nick Holder.”

He went on to say that in the rehearsals with Thembi Seete, the Boom Shaka member was impressed with Zaki. And after last year’s Lebo Mathosa tribute show at the State Theatre, which was condemned by former Boom Shaka band members, Zaki’s performance is sure to be under the microscope.

“We wanted fans to experience Lebo’s songs with high production values and an artist who has an appreciation for her,” Williams said.

Spoek Mathombo, along with 340ml’s Tiago Correia-Paulo, will pay tribute to Sipho Hotstix Mabuse.

“Again, Spoek Mathambo is in a similar position to what Hotstix was during the 1980s. The fact that Hotstix is still alive is so important to this tribute. He must feel that these musicians get his music,” explained Williams.

A kwaito highlight is the tribute to the legendary Spikiri, Thebe, and M’du. Here the artists will be performing the songs. The performance will include a 10-piece band directed by house producer 37MPH. They will also be joined on stage by Khuli Chana.

“These songs were made 20 years ago and we intend making them bigger, giving the music texture and layers,” said Williams. “This is an opportunity to see their music and the artists in a new light.

“We want to excite and delight audiences with these songs again.”

The Newtown precinct will be turned into a musical adventure with three tribute lounges as well as pavement cafés, food markets, open-air gardens and a main stage.

Included in the 10-hour festival are 40 top South African artists, making it, quite possibly, the biggest gathering of such big names in over a decade.

Some names on the list: TKZee, The Muffins, Zakes Bantwini, Professor, Oskido, Teargas, Lulo Café, C-Live, Lilly Million, Nothende and Skwatta Kamp. Speaking to Shugasmakx about Skwatta’s expected performance, he gave assurance that the set would consist purely of classic Skwatta Kamp hits – the songs that made this hip hop group legendary.

Overall expect a fantastic 10 hours of hip hop, kwaito, house and old-school Afropop.

• Doors open at 2pm.

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