An Iron Rose Among The Thorns


A thrilling tale of revenge, betrayal and ambition has found a timeslot on Telemundo, DStv Channel 118.

Iron Rose, a Mexican drama series, that is dubbed in English, centers around the life of Altagracia Sandoval (Aracely Arambula), a victim to abuse by a group of rich young men known as “The Porkys”.

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Danna Paola plays Monica in the all new series, Iron Rose on Telemundo.Aracely Arambula plays Altagracia Sandoval,an abused victim who is set on making her attackers pay for what they did.

Determined to bring to justice the men and all those like them, she has built an empire that allows her take the law into her own hands.

While on her quest for revenge, she crosses paths with her estranged daughter, Monica, played by Danna Paola.  

Growing up with her handicapped father, Lazaro Hernandez (Odiseo Bichir), Monica lived a simple life and has no knowledge of her birth mother.

“My character, Monica is intrigued with the idea of learning who her mother is – the woman who abandoned her at birth. She meets Altagracia when she decides to move to Mexico City, without knowing that is her mother. She doesn’t expect the change of life that awaits her. For the first time, her life makes sense, meeting the love of her life, Saul Aguirre, a man with a strong heart and passion. Monica will have to fight to live out this love, with the misery of knowing that her mother is in love with the same man, and trying to survive the everyday insecurity and gender violence in the country,” said Paola.

Paola said she identifies with her character because the two have so much in common.

“Monica is strong and passionate like me, she likes to sing like me, she believes in love... but in the end I learned more than I thought from her. And thanks to that, today I'm the woman I am because of this amazing character,” she said.

Although the show has its fair share of drama and deceit, there are much bigger themes that is explored. “We talk about violence against women, forbidden love, and real life situations that happen around the world, not just in Mexico. And, because it is a show that you will really get into it, you will not want to wait until the next day to catch the next episode, because every chapter is thrilling,” said Paola.

The show was commissioned by Telemundo and is dubbed in English. Whilst some people may not enjoy the imperfect lip sync, the storyline is still intriguing enough to leave you wanting your daily dose.

Unknown to Paola that the series is now in South Africa, she said she was very surprised and happy.

“It’s amazing. I love that my job and my dream is traveling around the world! And, I sound so good in English. I am very glad that this project is now in South Africa; I hope to someday be there with all of you! Thank you very much for all the support and I hope you all enjoy my character,” she said.

Throughout this dramatic telenovela, viewers will learn more about Monica’s extended family, the fight for justice, the formation of a new mother-daughter relationship and also go through some sticky love affairs.

*Iron Rose airs on weekdays at 6pm on Telemundo, DStv Channel 118.
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