A hint of red is all you need on Valentine's Day


For as long as I can remember, I have always despised the tradition of wearing red and white on Valentine’s day due to the fact that I never had a “significant other” to celebrate the day of love and 'novelty' with.

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A red lip is subtle and will draw attention to kiss ready lips this valentine's day.A red heel will compliment any outfit and allow you to subtly show your love for the day of love.

However, in 2013, for the first time, I had reason to join the red-rose-brigade and partake in the splendor and spoils that comes with the overly commercialized holiday. Despite my visible conflicting feelings about the day, I donned my sexy red dress I had secretly kept packed in my closet for the day, only to stand out like a sore thumb among the casual shorts and t-shirt wearing hordes of females when Valentine's day came around.

Valentine’s day 2014 pulled in and what do you know? Red cladded females are as visible as a red light in a snow storm. Then came 2015 and 2016 and still no lesson learnt.

Anyway, the reason for my yapping is to give fair warning to those Valentines die-hard’s who give me the smirk each year on Valentine’s for recognizing our failure at partaking in an evidently dying tradition and remind them to ditch the red attire. Although my anarchist heart is still unwilling to conform to society’s norms. I have decided that a balanced approach is needed.

So to avoid feeling like the only being wearing a costume at the office party, my advice would be to store that red dress, suit or skirt for another day and instead accessorize your outfit with red  to avoid negative 'lighting' and attract the good sort that most of us enjoy.

A red lip is subtle and will draw attention to kiss ready lips this valentine's day.

A red lip along with a red shoe or pair of earring will be more than enough siren to please a secret desire some of us have to wear red on Valentine’s day without standing out like a stop sign. Not to mention, a red lip creates a youthful look and also draws attention to the mouth, which is not bad when you’re trying to gain smooch from that someone special.

If you’re not an avid lipstick wearer and the idea of trying a red lip is too daunting, you can alternate a red lip with red nail polish which is always a winner as it proven to make your cuticles look pristine and polished. With regards to a particular shade of red, well I don’t need to tell you which color suits you best.

Now that your subtle sexy has been laid (and your hair is did), a sexy red heel is all you need to compliment your red lip and nails. A red heel will pop alongside almost any teaming outfit, but alternately you can team your red make up with a red chandelier or stud earring depending on the feel you're going for. You don’t want to break the bank buying a new pair of heels just for the occasion.

For the males, a red bow tie or pocket handkerchief should suffice if you're wearing a formal or semi-formal outfit or perhaps a pair or funky red socks underneath a pair of chino’s could add some sexy to your look.

Your subtle accessories teamed with a pair of jeans and your favorite shirt, or a sexy LBD should be enough to draw the right kind of attention on Valentine’s day. Whether you’re single or taken, Valentine’s day is about love and self love so spoil yourself and those near and dear to you.

I have always felt that giving is better than receiving so if you’re in town on Valentine’s, you may bump into someone dressed in subtle red, handing out free roses. Do stop for a chat and let me know how being subtly sexy has worked for you!

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