‘Sex just happened to me one day…’

Many young South Africans believe there is never good reason to have an abortion, and many parents are not talking to their children about sex, a recent youth sex survey shows.

The recently released findings of the Praekelt Foundation’s second YoungAfricaLive (YAL) Youth Sex Survey include a range of issues from HIV and relationships to culture and heritage.

'Don't even get me going about the sex education happening at schools!' Picture: Leon Lestrade. Credit: INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERS

YAL is a mobile platform with close to a million users, and the survey was based around more than 50 questions and more than 170 000 responses by the YAL user community.

YAL was launched in SA, but has expanded to Tanzania and Kenya.

Praekelt Foundation founder, Gustav Praekelt, said the tension between being young and living fully in the digital age, and coming from families and communities where culture and religions were still important, was amply reflected in this year’s survey.

Some of the findings include: