PICS: Bosjes is family fun for all

Pack the kids in the car and head for the hills, writes Marchelle Abrahams.

It's been featured in magazines, blogs and just about anywhere you look online. Bosjes seems to be the darling of the Cape’s “have you been there” trendy wedding venues. And in all honestly, I wish I had R200k in my bank account just so that I could renew my vows at its ridiculously gorgeous chapel.

Quaint is not how you would describe Bosjes. About an hour-and-a-half out of Cape Town, the farm (just outside of Worcester) is set against the foothills of the Slanghoek mountain range. Framed by the mountain on one side and abundant natural beauty as far as the eye can see on the other, it’s as if the hand of God himself was instrumental in placing the farm in just the right location.

Bosjes takes its name from the Dutch words “small bushes” and was previously known as Bosjesman’s Valley Farm – famous for its wine grapes, olives and peaches. This explains the row upon row of olive groves that greet you once entering the property.

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stunning: The architechural wonder of Bosjes is the chapel that is beautifully flanked by pools of water.The Tea Garden is set within open gardens.stunning: The architechural wonder of Bosjes is the chapel that is beautifully flanked by pools of water.Rolling lawns will give the kids plenty of exercise.

But we didn’t come to see the olive groves, peaches or “little bushes”. No, it was the striking glass-walled Bosjes Chapel that we were after. Pictures of this architectural marvel have dominated Instagram posts with shots taken from every angle possible.

The perfect symmetry and modern white curves is a photographer’s dream. Oh, and never mind that it’s flanked by reflecting pools on either side and inspired by Psalm 36:7. It is surrounded by a meditation garden with lush green lawns, you can’t help but stop and take everything in, visually.

The open-air tea garden blends into its natural surroundings. It’s here where the kids can run free and explore The Hill or the “mini mountain” as my eight-year-old affectionately calls it.

Once you make it to the top, you’re rewarded with a bird’s eye view of the farm and its surroundings.

The main area houses the Cape Dutch manor house and the Bosjes Kombuis. Headed by chef Pete Goffe-Wood, the restaurant was designed with a contemporary rustic lunch and dinner menu – not a pretentious dish in sight.

The accompanying children’s playground offers hours of fun for the little ones.

Designed by Leanie van der Vyver, it’s within viewing distance of the eatery, so the adults can have their their “me time” while watching the kids from the comfort of the large verandah.

The one thing that sets Bosjes Kombuis apart from other “child-friendly” establishments is the fact that its kiddie menu actually offers family favourites that children will love. From BBQ chicken drumsticks to homemade ice-cream cones – they are dishes that kids and adults can tuck into.

Large trees overlooking the restaurant are perfect for climbing, while the rolling lawn presents ample opportunity to kick around a ball – it’s enough to keep the kids occupied.

The farm also offers 5km and 12km hikes in the surrounding mountains, which is a great excuse to get the whole family out for the day.

Next time you’re in the area, take a detour and head for Bosjes. The kids will love you for it and I can guarantee that their final words will be “when can we come again?”.

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