Durban - The cooler, sunny days of May have been chosen to showcase Kloof Conservancy’s main fund-raising project, the Kloof Conservancy Indigenous Open Gardens. In turn, owners of many of the properties to be showcased have been inspired by this annual event.

Gardens in various stages of “being indigenous” are going on show, some established and others newly indigenous.

While the plant materials in all gardens are for the most part indigenous, they are arranged in a variety of design styles.

Many have a more traditional landscape feel, some are arranged according to wildlife and floral habitats, and a small number showcase the increasingly popular wild and natural look that has given rise to the newly named style of “conservation gardens”.

The show is the conservancy’s main fund-raising fixture.

Funds raised help the Kloof Conservancy contribute to the protection of KwaZulu-Natal’s biodiversity, by educating the public about floral diversity and the merits of indigenous gardening.

The show raises money for local conservation projects, including removal of invasive alien plants in Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.

Spin-offs funded by the show are the beautification and improvement of local suburbs and natural areas, the improvement of water and air quality, and the creation of sources of indigenous seed and wildlife stock for gardens, which benefit everyone.

Gardens will be open for show on May 24 and 25. The cost is R60 for adults and free for children under 12. Price includes entry to eight gardens and refreshments at the tea garden.

Pre-sale tickets are available in the Kloof area or at the entrance of each garden and the tea garden.

For info and directions see or call Brigid Turner at 072 348 8346.

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