London - Weekends and public holidays are a good time to do a spot of painting, a touch of drilling, perhaps even put up some shelves.

According to a home improvement report by HSBC bank, 52 percent of Britons schedule in some DIY for public holidays.

And with money tighter than ever – and the internet firing on all cylinders in every home – they can all be dab hands.

DIY expert and author Sylvia Marshall says UK homeowners are putting in windows, plastering walls and fitting new kitchens.

Her website ( provides information to guide users through home improvements – and she receives all sorts of requests. According to Marshall people are noticeably more adventurous compared with when she set up the website five years ago.

“Readers of our site are taking on big jobs: putting up conservatories, fitting their own kitchens and mending things rather than replacing them.

“I believe you can learn everything you need to know online to maintain your home for years, without succumbing to costly tradesmen,” says Marshall.

She does advise leaving the electrics and plumbing to the experts, though. Especially if you are renting out a property – when you need certificates for any electrical work done.

But, she says the quality of information available online means you can perform most tasks. – Daily Mail

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