Durban - Having worked for many years on a popular décor magazine, Coba Kodelitsch incorporated a number of clever décor ideas into her space. However, the basis has always been to maintain a lived-in home full of personality.

Many items are displayed in series, such as the framed newspaper pages in the entrance and the individual gerberas in glass vases on the dining room table.

In a small space, floating shelves allow you to display objects without the use of furniture that takes up room.

In the living room, these shelves are framed by a bulkhead installed with down lights that highlight the couple’s precious collections.

Kodelitsch says she has had the same sofas for years, simply re-upholstering them from time to time to keep them up-to-date.

Another element in the décor that adds interest to a room is the juxtaposition of objects. For instance, a 1968 Bruce Walford table and a modern perspex coffee table live comfortably in the same room.

There are clocks everywhere – Fred has a penchant for them.

Quirky features include one shelf set at an angle with the items (drilled down).

There are two black walls. One marked in chalk wittily reads: “The Picasso used to hang here.”

The dining room is clad in mirrors. The couple did it themselves, in an effort to make the place appear larger and maximise the light coming into the flat.

In the passage are travel pictures printed on canvas and stuck directly on to the wall in a line.

The black and white images appear to belong to a reel of film.

Kodelitsch’s study makes use of one of the oldest tricks in the book – bold colour.

Poppy stickers bought at Ikea stand out on a feature wall, next to a canvas print of the moon.

In the couple’s bedroom, the headboard box runs from one wall to the next. It incorporates light fittings – visible from the top of the box – which negate the need for reading lamps.

There are many more great ideas in this home but, most importantly, the couple have maximised their space while surrounding themselves with the things they love. - The Mercury