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Drawing on the creative pulse of Cape Town, the 2017 Decorex SA Trend House will translate some of this year’s most fashionable looks into a real-world space, offering visitors interesting décor and design ideas at Cape Town International Convention Centre from 27 to 30 April.

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Anchored by this year’s ‘Make your space your living dream’, the Trend House will be tastefully curated by Anita Bloom, Creative Director: Decorex SA. Pictures: Supplied

Anchored by this year’s ‘Make your space your living dream’, the Trend House will be tastefully curated by Anita Bloom, Creative Director: Decorex SA, using a range of on-trend items sponsored by a number of Decorex exhibitors.

“Working on the Decorex Cape Town Trend House has been a challenging yet rewarding experience,” said Bloom. “The city just pulsates creativity so we have to be sure to not only match this, but bring something more to the audience so that they, too, will walk away inspired.”

Bloom said she and her creative team are taking on the ‘unplugged’ movement which seeks to create a nurturing space that encourages self-reflection, away from the digitised world that demands constant attention, draining energy and overwhelming the senses.

“There is a big move towards nature, drawing inspiration from it in the various textures and colours, as well as incorporating natural elements such as wood and plants into the home,” explained Bloom. “To achieve this sense of serenity, we will be using some of South Africa’s best furnishings and décor which have been sponsored by a number of our exhibitors.”

A selection of furniture, décor, bar accessories, soft textiles and art – all supplied by @home – will be creatively used throughout bedroom, living room and dining room areas of the Trend House. The popular Rose Gold Trend – used in home and décor accessories, as well as cutlery – will add a touch of understated glamour to the home.

For the kitchen, Decorex SA co-sponsor, Caesarstone, will be supplying incredible white granite waterfall counter tops which will be installed by Stonehenge while the world’s foremost kitchen sink manufacturer, Franke SA, will match these with one of its leading products, the white granite basin with on-trend taps. These harken to the crisp ‘White on White’ trend that encourages a clean slate, powered by the desire to switch off and rejuvenate. Cape Town-based, Milli Design Studio, will fuse these elements into a stylish, practical kitchen area, finished off with the perfect kitchen accompaniment – the NESPRESSO machine.

Flooring throughout the Trend House will be supplied by Van Dyk Carpets while Plantation Shutters will finish off the look with their carefully crafted wooden shutters. Every manner of modern appliance – sponsored by Defy – will complete the Decorex SA Trend House.

In addition, the patio area will be furnished entirely by @home incorporating a particularly popular wicker, ideally suited to the Cape outdoors and a definite link to the Tactility Trend.

“Decorex is a wonderful platform for professionals in the industry, trendsetters, as well as homeowners who are perhaps upgrading their homes or looking for new ideas and inspiration,” Renee New, Head of Divisional Operations and Commercial: TFG Jewellery and @home.

“The Decorex brand comes with authority and credibility, known for always being ‘on point’ with the latest looks. This resonates with the @home brand as we strive to offer our customers a credible value offer of beautifully crafted and ‘curated’ settings, inspired by global trends but accessible to the South African market. Decorex inspires and this is exactly what we want our customers to feel when they visit our stores and engage with our brand. Something to spark the imagination, assisting them to create their ideal lifestyle in their homes.”

Continuing the Tactility Trend in the living areas, Bloom will bring in the natural wooden textures via the tables, as well as comforting textured throws and woven scatters, all of which feeds our sense of touch that has been numbed by the smooth metal and plastic that dominates our electronic world. 

The Urban Jungle Trend, which is connected with the use of wooden products, is also seen in the dominant use of green this style year, which Bloom will be adding to the dining room chairs at the Decorex SA Trend House.

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