Say it with words


Live, love, laugh – these words are everywhere these days, from picture frames to cushions and as script for display. They’re not the only words either. The trend of saying what you mean has never been more popular in decor than it is at present, and consumers are loving the opportunity to express themselves in words at home.

As the decor industry has embraced the written word, companies that can manufacture words are capitalising on the custom market. One of the ways in which they are being produced – for mosaic, as pendants on necklaces or simply as art – is through laser cutting.

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I love bokkie: Durban duo Wendy-Lee Douglas and Ryan Douglas create limited-edition eco-friendly kids furniture from formula spoons, bubble baths and offcuts|of fabric. They also provide an interior design and decor service. We love the rocking bokkie and animal placemats. Find them online at or call 082 890 2032.DURBAN 21-03-2012
Picture: S'bonelo Ngcobo

Why buy the single word “love” to put up on your mantle or hang above your bed when it could be your name or your favourite phrase?

At the high end of the spectrum we’ve been seeing laser-cut furniture, such as Perspex chairs or arty-looking metal salad bowls. However, locally it’s been the domain of those who adore craft.

Jewellery designer Genevieve Motley has for many years led the way with her beautiful birds – for the bedroom wall or on a pair of earrings. Others are taking it further, from custom clocks to continents. Whatever you fancy, a laser cut something is the hot accessory for the home this season. - The Mercury

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