Why we hate doing housework


London - Few of us find cleaning the house the most enjoyable of tasks. But some chores are loathed so much that they rarely get done at all, research claims.

Almost a third of those surveyed admitted they hardly ever cleaned the windows, and a quarter said they couldn’t bear scrubbing out the oven.

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Some chores are loathed so much that they rarely get done at all, research claims.

And while three quarters of us say we care passionately about having a clean and tidy house, far fewer can find the motivation to keep it that way.

Despite their best efforts, nearly 30 percent of the 1,500 people surveyed said their home frequently resembled a bomb site.

Richard Caines, a spokesman for Mintel, which carried out the research, said: “For the most part, Brits are enthusiastic cleaners, but some jobs remain too much for even the most devoted cleaner. Cleaning the windows and oven top the least loved tasks.”

Not everyone has stopped worrying about having sparkling windows, however. Four fifths of the over-55s said they kept their windows clean, compared with only a fifth of 16 to 24-year-olds.

Regionally, the Scots took greatest pride, with only a fifth admitting that they hardly ever cleaned their windows.

The dirtiest windows are most likely to be found in the capital, where a third of Londoners admitted they hardly ever cleaned them.

Yet we’re spending more than ever on polishes and specialist cleaning products. The market was worth £171 million last year, up 16 percent from 2006. - Daily Mail

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