London - Florists and gardeners are the happiest workers in the country, according to a study.

Nearly nine out of ten horticulturalists enjoy going to work, with the majority explaining it was because they can control their own workload and use the skills of their trade every working day.

At the other end of the scale were bankers, IT workers and human resources professionals.

Despite the promise of high salaries and bonuses, just 44 percent of bankers said they were satisfied in their jobs.

Some 45 percent said they felt their job was worthwhile, and only 34 percent said their job offered good career progression.

Surprisingly, the unhappiest of all were those earning more than £60,000.

Marginally happier were IT workers (48 percent) and HR employees (54 percent), according to the survey of 2,200 workers.

Overall, the City & Guilds Career Happiness Index showed people in skills-based jobs, such as gardeners, hairdressers and plumbers were happiest (65 percent).

In comparison, 58 percent of those in largely academically trained, office-based roles were satisfied with their careers.

The research also found that the self-employed are overwhelmingly happier at work (85 percent).

Matt Pottage, a garden manager for the Royal Horticultural Society, said: “One of the biggest perks of gardening is working in the fresh air and being active. Like floristry, the scope for creativity is vast. It’s a wonderful career.” - Daily Mail