New York - If you’re planning to put on a red dress to hit the town tonight, it might be best to reconsider your choice.

Women who see another female wearing red perceive them as a sexual threat who could steal their partner, a study has found.

They are also more likely to make nasty comments about another woman if she is wearing red, and presume she will be unfaithful in relationships.

Such is the power of red, the psychologists behind the project said, women should “think twice” before wearing the colour on a night out.

The researchers, at the University of Rochester in the US, showed groups of women photographs of other females wearing either red, white or green. Their theory was that red would be a sign of “sexual receptivity”, and that the women would react by making “derogatory” remarks about those in the pictures, as well as becoming more possessive towards their partners.

The researchers asked: “How interested in sex is she?” and “How seductive is she?” about each woman in the pictures.

A majority of participants said the woman in red was “more open to sexual encounters” and that they would not want their boyfriend to meet her.

When asked how faithful they thought the women pictured were, how much money they had and if they drove nice cars, those taking part were also more likely to say disparaging things about the woman in red.

Social psychologist Adam Pazda, lead study author, said: “If you are wearing red out and about, you might be perceived negatively by other women.

“It won’t happen in every situation, but be aware of the signals to other women and men that you’re interested in sex.

“Women don’t want other women in red near their boyfriends.” - Daily Mail