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What does your star sign hold for 2014?

Some will strike it lucky in love in 2014, while others need to focus on improving their health and working hard.


ARIES: Mar 21 – Apr 21

Profile: You are always active and usually in a hurry to accomplish things. You love to talk about your aims and hopes – are never short of a good idea or a goal. You are seemingly always doing something or going somewhere and seldom break away from your frenetic schedule to rest and relax. Others are readily inspired by your encouraging manner and your knack of giving everything an exciting edge. Unsurprisingly since you are governed by Mars, the planet of passion, motivation and persistence. You carry out your schemes with tremendous singleness of purpose – always take setbacks in your stride, and manage to bounce back with renewed vigour and ambition. You habitually use your characteristic daring and directness to make a dynamic impact on your companions and your environment.

Personal: With your powers of intuition and imagination strongly activated, you will manage to make choice personal decisions. Creative ideas spring to mind and are underscored with new opportunities to put your private life in good order.

Health: A time to really enjoy the precious gifts of health and strength if you are an active sort. You can produce impressive work or excel in your sport while your physical wellspring is augmented by increasing mental and emotional fortitude.

Career: A worthy period for business experiments. Gain financially by stepping up your working efficiently. You must be geared for action in order to extract maximum benefits from this go-ahead session. There is scope for expansive aspirations.

Romance: Remember that it is the loving person who attracts love. Be generous with your sweetheart and then your relationship will be enveloped in contentment. Adopt a co-operative manner in order to create harmony and avert negative reactions.


TAURUS: Apr 21 – May 21

Profile: Self-reliant and determined, as well as firm and careful, you bring stability to your life – pursue your aims with persistence and patience. Naturally cautious, you seldom rush into anything. You are more constructive than original – are practical and methodical in making plans. As a partner and lover, you are gentle and yielding – yet apt to become tempestuous when provoked. You are sometimes much too headstrong, which is frustrating for those who live and work with you. You are generally reserved and secretive; take in far more than you give out, enjoy home life and guard your privacy. You are drawn to nature, music and art – may also be adept at cooking and gardening. You like to relax completely when work is done; and absolutely thrive on love, comfort and ease.

Personal: A flurry of good fortune will please you. Count your blessings and chances are that yet more luck will come your way. The more open-minded you are the more opportunities you will attract, so be flexible and expansive in your thinking.

Health: Bear in mind that the most dynamic curative agent is faith – in yourself and in your future. Make time for meditation because successful living stems from good health; and common sense and prayer can see you right in that connection.

Career: There is a favourable vibration to this period so you should be thinking more earnestly about climbing the ladder to success. It is time to launch out in a brand new direction. You can obtain favours by talking to top-ranking people.

Romance: Someone, probably quite attractive, will make a romantic overture to you supposing you are eligible. If already paired off, your special relationship will heat up again. Fan the flames of love in order to keep the amorous mood going.


GEMINI: May 21 – Jun 22

Profile: Charismatic and humorous, and favoured with phenomenal mental and physical vitality, you lead an exciting and interesting life. You are quite brilliant, also highly adaptable and versatile, as well as curious and inquisitive, so your days and hours are filled with assorted interests. At work, at play, and in love, you are truly mercurial – charming your many admirers, and yet constantly in search of new career, sporting and romantic conquests. Although you enjoy seeing others succumbing to your captivating charms, you are largely independent and seldom play the games of life by the rules because you abhor routine and must have periodic change and abundant variety in order to be at your best and happiest. You simply must exercise all of your myriad talents.

Personal: You should now be feeling confident and ambitious – quite motivated when ideas blossom and plans fall into place. Do not underestimate your capabilities because you have it in you to make your mark in impressive and rewarding manner.

Health: Your personal wellbeing ought to improve now. You will discover that you have increased vitality and that your sixth sense is especially superb. Be sure to channel your energy into practical endeavours so as to gain the best benefits.

Career: Make the utmost of a favourable period for achievement. Let ambition fire your imagination. You may first have to break free from a boring or limiting situation. Set your target and then plan shrewdly, and set a time for attaining it.

Romance: Try to sparkle when you are with your true love in order to enliven your partnership. Add in good measures of patience and sympathy so as to relate sensibly and sensitively. Resolve to be completely good-humoured at all times.


CANCER: Jun 22 – Jul 23

Profile: You are instinctively domesticated – place great store in having a contented home life and do your best to provide comfort and security for your loved ones – and you are protective of them. Deeply intuitive and highly psychic as a rule, with a fine imagination and good artistic touch, you are able to sense happenings well in advance of them occurring and are quick to apply suitable actions. As a lover, you are romantic and serene – eager to be your partner’s mate and best friend – although you are sometimes too possessive. There are also moments when you are too easily impressed and apt to let your emotions rule your head. Failure to get what you desire renders you despondent – usually resulting in self-indulgent behaviour as compensation for your disappointment.

Personal: The wider your range of interests the more fortunate you are likely to be. But your judgements and choices must be more practical than idealistic. Consciously bring out positive feelings in order to create new potential for yourself.

Health: Your real goal should be an infinite one; should embrace supreme health, personal security and eternal happiness. To attain it, you must steer well clear of harmful distractions and temptations. The rewards will outstrip the sacrifices.

Career: This period presents you with exciting possibilities; some of which could set you on fire work wise. You can indeed gain a fresh impetus and reel in welcome material benefits. Stay poised to make quick, sound and profitable decisions.

Romance: Contentment and empathy rules your intimate relationship – and probably never so much as during this pleasing session. If single and in love, this is your round for conveying your interest and desire to further the acquaintanceship.


LEO: Jul 23 – Aug 24

Profile: You just love being the centre of attraction – basking in adulation and praise while exercising your powerful aura of authority and underscoring it with immense self-confidence and tempering it with a fair measure of humour. Broad-minded and expansive in outlook, you also possess a keen sense of drama. You are an enthusiastic and domineering companion but you can also be very generous when the mood takes you. You are adept in inspiring others and few can resist your mode of friendly persuasion, alternatively unashamed patronising, so you usually get what you desire. In your opinion, the end justifies the means when you pursue an aim and never mind the disapproval of others. You are also quite conceited at times – and not above putting on a snobbish or intolerant front.

Personal: Now fully self-confident and quite assertive, you can shine in the worldly sense. Bold enterprise and single-minded purpose should take you far if you operate in the public domain. Concentrate on building up your personal popularity.

Health: Take the necessary action to maintain or to enhance your health. You can make this period a significant turning point for the better if you have been under the weather health-wise. Exercise for your own good and keep to a proper diet.

Career: Promote the best of yourself and chances are that you will attain a noteworthy distinction. Direct your energy into useful external channels. Good powers of observation will alert you to new opportunities arising in the commercial sphere.

Romance: If married, a time to savour togetherness and to get out and about in pursuit of pleasure. Let your smile be your passport to happiness – especially if you happen to be heart-free and hoping. Luck and love may favour you quite a bit.


VIRGO: Aug 24 – Sep 23

Profile: Since you are invariably in control of your thoughts and emotions, you handle issues of life and love admirably efficiently. You are instinctively helpful, have a sharp eye for detail, and always give of your best – both at home and at work. You habitually strive for perfection and generally use your time and energy sensibly – always turn out a good job because you cannot abide shoddy or unprofessional work. Your taste is conservative yet classy and you are appalled by anything gaudy or uncouth in any area of life. Although well-imbued with wisdom, you are also a fault-finder who does not hesitate to issue sharp criticism where and when you feel it is necessary. Your main asset is that you are logical and practical – always attend to things in a matter-of-fact manner.

Personal: You can now prove to yourself and others that you are a special person; a case really of using your imagination and talent to boost your fortunes while providence favours you with fine opportunities to outshine others.

Health: Start treating yourself better. Get into shape via pleasant rhythmic activity and sensible diet. You must invest in good health. Take an honest inventory of your habits, and do not hesitate to shed those that are damaging.

Career: Concentrate fully on your aims and hopes because you currently have more luck than usual and can make your life all that you want it to be. Make careful choices because what is set in motion will greatly influence your future.

Romance: Be charming and well mannered, show that you have good taste, in order to attract love and devotion. Sensible self-adornment is also necessary. The right image creates a good impression; and can help you to attract amorous attention.


LIBRA: Sep 23 – Oct 23

Profile: Well mannered and stylish, you have the gift of endearing yourself to all and sundry. Balance and reconciliation are your keywords and you are forever consciously and unconsciously summing up people and situations. You want the best from life and yet need the advice of trusted allies since your ideals and emotions are generally in a state of flux. Affectionate and affable, you easily acquire friends. You crave admiration, even when you know it is only flattery, and love receiving favours. Companionship, sympathy and understanding are all-important to you. You are highly romantic yet also overly dependent on your partner. You give plenty of attention to etiquette, personal grooming and your clothes; are fortunate to have impeccable taste and superb fashion sense.

Personal: Greet this new and positive phase with a show of enthusiasm and high hopes. A lambent persona can be a marvellous asset, but this is an interim in which radiance is especially rewarded. Succeed by making yourself likeable.

Health: Make time in your busy schedule for fun and amusement. A good balance between work and play is essential for your general wellbeing. The important thing is to know when to back off from either in order to get to grips with the other.

Career: Look for opportunities to make headway in your career. You will get along well with your colleagues and your clients. You can expect things to run smoothly from the business angle. An excellent time to begin large-scale undertakings.

Romance: Amour shines through and you should do your bit to ensure that it is superb in every way. Especially brush up your romantic technique. Learn from what has gone before as those lessons should help you to succeed superbly this time around.


SCORPIO: Oct 23 – Nov 23

Profile: Pride is your driving force and it will not permit you to let yourself down. You are passionate about life and love yet also self-conscious and modest and apt to hide your feelings. You are mysterious and secretive with deep inner convictions. Although you are mostly conservative in appearance, you are competitive. Challenges that intrigue you serve to bring out the best in you. Quite the perfectionist, you are hard to please yet you favour those who are loyal to you. In the roles of lover and friend you are caring and faithful. You are an exciting and sensuous romantic, but public displays of affection embarrass you. You have a jealous side and become quite tempestuous when and if your partner appears distant. Mostly, you are cool and in control of your thoughts.

Personal: Make certain that your attitude is completely one of optimism and opportunism since such positive qualities should enable you to operate at peak energy and efficiency levels during a phase studded with occasions for self-enhancement.

Health: Striking a balance between nervous energy and physical activity is desirable – in order to work and play happily and fruitfully. Another consideration is how well you can relate to your environment. It must all come together.

Career: A suitable year for introducing new business plans and for updating routines in your work zone. Fate will greatly favour you providing you use your energy and time intelligently. You can achieve vital objectives promptly.

Romance: Amour is likely to go through an intense interlude as you and your opposite number rediscover one another emotionally and physically. Gentle eroticism can bring a refreshing measure of piquancy into your relationship if it is ailing.


SAGITTARIUS: Nov 23 – Dec 22

Profile: You are a natural extrovert – adventurous and gregarious, and eager to attempt anything new and different. Your sporty nature is not only evident in life but also in love, where you are flirtatious and apt to play the field. You like to be out and about, being sociable and making friends. You have a wicked sense of humour and tend to stir things up by speaking your mind – luckily, others tolerate your outspokenness due to your ability to successfully blend criticism with humour. Your freedom-loving nature cannot be stifled so you need a mate who is as happy as you are to have a loosely knit union – one who is active, loves fun and games, and is your best friend. You are competitive yet also quite philosophical about the outcome of your challenges, ventures and romances.

Personal: This could be a truly progressive phase providing you are ambitious and ready for action. Your power lies in your faith and enthusiasm – the most positive forces within you. Now use them to take advantage of wonderful possibilities.

Health: Anticipate making a good recovery if you have hitherto been out of sorts. Enhanced well-being will also enable you to improve your performances in the work place. Ensure that you have ongoing haleness by embracing a better lifestyle.

Career: Make the best of a potentially fortunate period for furthering your commercial and worldly aspirations. Have faith in your ability to meet challenges, and to overcome opposition and notch up triumphs. Bold moves should generate profit.

Romance: Play the field and explore new romantic possibilities if you are not involved in a serious relationship. This could prove to be a significant turning point in your love life even if you are paired off. It is time to make a new start.


CAPRICORN: Dec 22 – Jan 21

Profile: You are motivated by a great desire for fame and fortune – and your drive for success invariably enables you to overcome all obstacles. Be that as it may, you are nonetheless your own worst enemy at times in trying to overreach yourself – must learn to be satisfied when you have reached your goals instead of risking your reputation and gains – and thereby suffering a fall from grace. Still, disappointment does not discourage you and you soon resume your patient climb to the top. Because you place such high value on having power, you are not particularly sensitive or sympathetic yet you are loyal to those who stand by you. Although usually diplomatic and reliable concerning life and love, you can also be coldly calculating in striving to accomplish your needs and wants.

Personal: A powerful undercurrent of better fortune enables you to sort out several vital personal concerns. Determine to pull yourself out of a rut so as to explore fresh horizons. Luck and success are now nicely entwined.

Health: Attend to health matters and improve your daily routine in order to strike a balance between work and play. Begin a new diet and start exercising in order to get fit and shapely. Work hard, play hard, get sufficient rest in between.

Career: A time to establish good business connections – or to milk your contacts if you already have them. Bring those who can help you to achieve your aims into the fold. Who you know may be more important than what you know in certain instances.

Romance: More attention should now be centred on your partnership; or, if single, on a new amorous relationship that has promising potential. Shared endeavours are favoured to succeed. Heart interests should proceed according to your hopes.


AQUARIUS: Jan 21 – Feb 20

Profile: You are such an enigma that you are sometimes hard to define – can be sociable and kind one moment and aloof and hard the next instant. You are usually objective and dutiful; and then again can be detached and rebellious. Essentially an individualist, you can yet operate successfully within a team or a group and not lose your unique identity. Blessed with a fine intellect and a colourful imagination, you are innovative and original. Although you are capable of deep affection, you are not romantic as a rule and can only enjoy physical affinity with a mate who inspires you in the intellectual and spiritual senses. You are unpredictable.

Personal: Bear it in mind that in order to gain attention, admiration and influence, it is necessary to make your personality strongly felt wherever you go. You must cultivate confidence, project both power and dignity, to get on in the world.

Health: Providence should now favour you with better well-being and extra energy. With such overall improvements to encourage you, you can utilise your intellectual and physical attributes advantageously within the areas of duty and pleasure.

Career: You have your particular brand of charm and you have unique talents and since this is a fortunate period for showcasing your skills, you must give your best. You can win approval in high places and gain significant favours.

Romance: Show more affection for the one you love. Cultivate greater awareness of and stay in touch with your mate’s feelings, needs and wants. Use your imagination to create new ways in which to fulfil those desires and strengthen your union.


PISCES: Feb 20 – Mar 21

Profile: You live in your world of dreams, and being intuitive and creative, manage to make many of your aims, hopes and wishes come true. Your feelings are always hyper-active – boosting your spirits one moment and plunging you down into the dumps the next instant. Both laughter and tears come easily to you since your emotions colour your thoughts and reactions. Blessed with a good imagination, you are artistic and creative. Also alluring and impressionable, your journey through life is accordingly romantic and dramatic. Extremely aware and highly sensitive, nothing much escapes your notice although you are sometimes cagey in reacting to people and situations. However, you are mostly sympathetic and generous. Both self-pity and self-mockery are sentiments associated with your outlook.

Personal: A period in which your external persona is transfigured by your renewed inner radiance. You are now able to create a good aura around yourself, thanks to your heartfelt projection of forgiveness, tolerance, helpfulness and good humour.

Health: Your physical wellbeing should get a boost. Enhanced vitality now springs from a more positive approach to life and work. Good health actually starts in the mind; and your renewed self-confidence emanates from there.

Career: Show those who are well-positioned to give you a boost that you are ambitious and deserving of their assistance by taking positive steps towards the attainment of your goals. Attract their help by earning their admiration.

Romance: Personal relationships blossom once again, especially your intimate alliance, at a time made for working in tandem with others. If you are eligible for a new love affair, get out and about as you will strike it lucky. - The Star

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