Getting bold colours right


Durban - Colour is making its big comeback this season. Pastels and bright bolds have eclipsed the fashion world with your favourite hues available in everything from designer threads to nail polish and kitchen cupboards.

There’s nothing stopping you from injecting a bit of a colour into your world. However, how you do so is crucial to getting it right. Which is why we asked make-up artist Hashini Natverlal at the Oyster Box Hotel in uMhlanga and Sharon Vosloo at distributor Shartre to share their John van G Spring Summer Collections with us, while offering a few make-up tips along the way.

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Ice Model Ellen lent us her pretty face, while photographer Marilyn Bernard took the pictures.Durban11102012 Makeover prize at Oysterbox.Picture:marilyn BernardDurban11102012 Makeover at Oysterbox.Picture:marilyn BernardDurban11102012 Makeover at Oysterbox.Picture:marilyn Bernard

The hotel spa has recently begun to stock the eco-friendly range.

For the shot they brought on board hairstylist Vishnu Moodley.

Ice Model Ellen lent us her pretty face, while photographer Marilyn Bernard took the pictures.


Ellen has lovely freckles, which you shouldn’t try to cover up with make-up, which is why a silky liquid foundation is best, followed by a natural light reflecting concealer.

John van G works with the natural acid mantle on the face, which is why it works on all skin types.

Next powder is dusted over the face to set the foundation. Sunny glow powder adds a sun-kissed look to the skin.

Blusher is applied from the hairline down to the cheekbone.

The eyelid is covered in highlighter. Green and orange eyeshadow is applied before a blue/green eyeliner is used on the upper eyelid. Ellen has oval eyes, easy to work with. However, eyeshadow is often determined by the shape of the eye.

Her eyebrows are filled in with colour before a pinky/peach lipstick is applied. Eyes and lips should never compete, so if you’re using bold colour on the eye, keep the lip simple. To take this look from day to night, intensify the eye. Darker eyebrows and darker eyeshadow in the same shades are lifted with a dash of pink over the centre of the eyelid. Black eyeliner with a shimmer – all make-up this season has a bit of dazzle – finishes off the eye. Lip gloss is applied over the lipstick.

On darker skin use gold eyeshadow to lift the look.


For a summer skin apply concealer, foundation and powder as above. It is recommended you steer clear of those containing mineral oils as they are said to cause breakouts. Healthy or eco make-up is clearly a trend, and just as you read food labels, it’s advised that you are aware of the contents in your make-up. After all you’re putting it on your face.

John Van G has many colours to choose from. However, most women learn what works on them and have a few colours they play around with, which is why the novel idea of selling the make-up in mini magnetic pieces, which all fit neatly in a travel size box and can be updated from time to time, is so appealing. Ellen’s entire look, can be fitted in her pocket.

For summer bright red and purple add drama to the eye. Her lips are kept coral, a colour that suits her natural skin tone.

The night look is simply intensified. Apply bright colour gently, though, as it doesn’t take much to end up looking garish.

Remember to blend make-up in as well. Bronzer is also a staple in warmer months. - The Mercury

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