Celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and the stars of Strictly Come Dancing are fuelling a boom in false eyelashes.

But women who copy them have been warned the accessories could damage their real eyelashes.

Hair restoration surgeon Dr Bessam Farjo said he had treated patients with gaps in their lashes caused by overuse of false ones.

The latest trend, reflected in rising sales on the high street, is to wear double layers of false lashes.

But Dr Farjo said: “They have the potential to cause damage if you wear them all the time, with double layers, or don’t remove them properly.”

The glue bonding false lashes to the eyelid could cause irritation if people slept with them and pull out natural hairs when removed.

“If you use them gently, take them off, and don’t wear them all the time, it will be fine,” said Dr Farjo.

“But I have seen people who have used them extensively... and they have lost lashes, to the point where they have to keep wearing the false lashes or they have asked if it can be rectified surgically.” - Daily Mail