London - James Bond is a man known for putting his neck on the line on a daily basis.

But now 007 is inspiring thousands of British blokes to do the same, following a sexy shaving scene in his latest film, Skyfall.

The encounter has caused a 405 percent surge in sales of cut-throat razors since the film’s release.

In the scene, Naomie Harris’s character Moneypenny shaves Bond using a cut-throat razor, whispering in his ear: “Sometimes the old ways are the best.”

Internet searches for “cut-throat razor” and “straight razor” have soared by 735 percent since the film opened, according to online firm the Shaving Shack. Brand director Nick Gibbens said: ‘”having with a cut-throat razor is one of life’s pleasures as it will give you the closest possible shave.”

Harris was sent to “barber shop school” for three weeks to practise shaving on balloons, but has admitted: “We didn’t use a real blade.” - Daily Mail