A collection of Tanzanite jewellery, featuring beautiful rings with matching earrings and pendants, has been introduced by Shimansky, South Africa’s diamond and platinum jewellery specialist.

The entire collection is now available at Shimansky stores nationwide, where prices are available on request.

Tanzanite, says Shimansky, “is associated with contentment and understanding and makes a timeless gift for any modern woman”.

The Tanzanite gemstone was discovered in Tanzania in 1967 and has since become such a popular stone that in October 2002 the American Gem Trade Association announced that tanzanite had joined zircon and turquoise in the traditional list of birthstone for the month of December.

“The stone’s striking blue-lavender colour is rather unique and a wonderful addition to the gemstone palette, this making it a unique accessory to any sophisticated, style-conscious woman,” Shimansky said. - The Star

For more info, visit www.shimansky.com