London - As sales of 6in heels quadruple in a year, it’s no wonder our feet ache. Last month Christian Louboutin - he of the iconic red-soled skyscraper heels - even went as far as to say “heels should be painful”.

So what’s the solution? Most would suggest a nice sit down and wearing flats.

But for some heel addicts, there’s a new cosmetic procedure that can help: the “Loub job”.

Inspired by Louboutin’s shoes, the crazy procedure involves injecting dermal filler into the toes, heels and balls of the feet.

It sounds painful, even before you consider the £380 (about R5 000) price tag.

But the treatment is said to numb the feet and stop heels from hurting, so you can wear them for much longer.

The number of women putting themselves through this has doubled in a year.

However, podiatrist Akbal Randhawa isn’t impressed:

“I’d discourage anyone from having this procedure simply to wear high heels as it is designed to relieve genuine foot pain. This treatment could give you more pain or cause problems walking.”

A beauty procedure that could leave you bed-bound? We’ll sit this one out. - Daily Mail