Milwaukee, Wisconsin - It was perhaps Paul Simon who said it best, in '50 Ways':

"Slip out the back, Jack

Make a new plan, Stan

Just drop off the key, Lee

And set yourself free."

That's what it's all about for thousands of Harley-Davidson riders who'll be taking a break from the rat race on Sunday 22 and Monday 23 June, and getting out on the open ride to be part of the seventh annual Harley-Davidson World Ride.


"For these two days we'll be blowing off the daily grind to celebrate that being free is a lot more fun," said director of customer experience (yes, Harley-Davidson has one!) Nigel Villiers.

"You appreciate being out there so much more when you're stealing the time from something you'd rather not be doing - so let the lawnmower, the meetings and the quarterly report wait until Tuesday and just ride."

It began in 2008 as Million Mile Monday, but when the Harley Owners Group expanded their annual ‘great escape’ into the two-day World Ride in 2012 to give more riders a chance to take part, it went ballistic as participants logged 12.3 million kilometres.

In 2013 - the 110th anniversary of the Motor Company and the 30th Anniversary of HOG - riders from 66 countries took that up to an official total of more than 16 million kilometres, logging their rides solo, and in groups large and small around the world.


Whether you ride to the next town or the next time zone, every kilometre counts and can be recorded by logging into Harley-Davidson's Harley-Davidson’s online odometer, which will record the collective distance travelled by all the participants in the World Ride.

And this year, for the first time, riders can also log their mileage directly on to the World Ride website from smartphones and tablets, and share their riding stories and photographs on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #HDworldride.

You can even download a certificate of participation after logging your mileage on the World Ride website.