Classic 1960s Alfa coupé re-imagined


Michele di Mauro and Claudio Piccioli of GetShaped Studio in Rome have paid tribute to one of the giants of Italian design, Bertone, by reinventing the Alfa Romeo Giulia for the 21st century.

Their concept proposal celebrates both the centenary of the Bertone studio and the 50th anniversary of the iconic coupé, designed by Bertone in 1962.

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Crisp edges incorporate LED lighting elements at both ends.Strongly tapered profile echoes the original.1962 original by Bertone, then and now a classic.

So it's called the Alfa Romeo Giulia 50GT Concept, and it has all the design cues that made the original an instant classic, including the large, heart-shaped grille, round headlights and strongly tapering profile - but with crisp edges in the 'piega' (fold) style incorporating LED lighting elements at both ends and a 'floating' roof over a smaller, racy-looking glassed area.


Most importantly, they've kept it compact, unlike almost every other 're-imagined' classic, which has wound up much larger than the original. The concept is just over four metres long on a 2.42m wheelbase, 1.88 metres wide and a very sporty 1.19 metres to the roof.

Despite its 1960's inspiration, the design is actually more avant-garde than anything Alfa has currently in production but sadly, given today's car climate, the 21st-century Giulia would have to be front-wheel drive.

Di Mauro and Piccioli see it being powered by Alfa's 170kW 1750 TBi turbopetrol four - which would give it sparkling performance if not ideal handling.

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