BMW envisions the cop car of 2025


What will a U.S. patrol vehicle look like in 2025? Our suspicion is that it won't look too different from today's breed, but that doesn't mean we can't all dream a little - or a lot.

This is exactly what the Los Angeles Auto Show organisers have challenged the major car companies to do and their visions will be on display when the show opens its gates next week.

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The BMW ePatrol Vision can be split into pieces to get into tight spaces.A screen replaces the windscreen and windows.

We've already shown you Merc's spin on this cop car theme in the form of its Ener-G-Force concept.

Now its German arch-rival BMW has presented its take on the cop car of the future.

Enter the ePatrol Vision.

The futuristic cop car has a modular structure and drone technology that aim to enhance both teamwork (especially with dogs) and accessibility. When chasing crooks, the main body is capable of deploying three drones, of which one can fly and the other two roll on single wheels.

The drones are capable of disseminating data and can even send an impulse to another vehicle to disable it.

To protect the officers inside, the vehicle has no windows and a large screen replaces the windscreen that displays hordes of critical information.

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