Honda shows robotics for easy ride

Look, no hands. Scooting around on what looks like a floating car seat is no sweat for anybody with Honda's new hands-free robotics technology.

The Uni-Cub has one main wheel, while a tiny wheel at the back helps for circular moves.

A reporter rides the Honda Uni-Cub personal mobility device during a demo at the Maraikin National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo. Credit: REUTERS

Swaying your body from side to side is all you need to do to turn, rotate full circle and zip around at up to 6km/h.

Reporters got a test ride on the machine on Tuesday.

It takes some getting used to but responds smoothly and quietly.

Lean forward to go straight, to the left to go left. If all fails to stop, just put your foot down.

The Uni-Cub will be on display at a Tokyo science museum. There are no plans yet for a commercial product. - Sapa-AP