B&B mods make Evoques Go Much Faster


Unlike the majority of tuning houses, which seem to concentrate primarily on fancy rims, body kits and expensive trim upgrades, B&B Automobiltechnik of Siegen in Germany concentrate on making cars Go Much Faster.

Best known for their work on German cars, they've now turned their attention to Range Rover's popular Evoque, with some interesting results.

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Apart from the bigger-than-standard rims, the B and B-tuned Evoque looks quite normal. Until it gets going, that is.Stage 3 conversion is good for 210kW and 425Nm.

Their Stage 1 program for the 2.2-litre eD4 and TD4 engines includes a slight increase in boost pressure and revised mapping to lift output from 110kW to 132kW and torque from the eD4's 380 and the TD4's 400Nm to a seriously muscular 450Nm.

Stage 2 adds uprated fuel-injection, revised intake plumbing and a new intercooler to boost output to 147kW and 475Nm.

By applying much the same techniques to the 140kW SD4 version, a 0,2 bar increase in boost pressure and suitably tweaked mapping liberates 169kW and 480Nm, while the special manifolds, intercooler and revised fuel-injection will kick that up 180kW and 500Nm.


B&B has a three-stage program for the 2.2-litre Si4 engine that starts with screwing down the wastegate a little and editing the mapping to raise its outputs from 176kW and 340Nm to 200kW and 400Nm.

Stage 2 includes new air intakes, modified manifolds, a new intercooler and 0.25 bar more boost to up the ante to 210kW and 410Nm.

Stage 3 adds an all-stainless steel, free-flow auspuff (the gloriously descriptive German word for an exhaust system) which, according to B&B, reduces back pressure and exhaust gas temperature significantly, lifting power to 220kW and torque to 425Nm (good enough for 0-100 in 6.5 seconds and 230km/h flat out), while reducing the thermal load on the engine and turbocharger.

The B&B boykies will also fit the more authoritative exhaust to the diesels, for an improvement of about four kilowatts across the board.


B&B also offers two suspension kits, one of which lowers the ride height by 30mm for more sporting drivers, while the other raises it by 30mm for owners who want to look the part when climbing high kerbstones to park on the sidewalk.

And lastly, they have a range of very neat 19, 20 and 22” rims, just so's everybody can see your Evoque is a cut above the average - after all, isn't that what tuning is for?

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