Far from being just another pie-in-the-sky concept car, the Lexus LF-CC holds many clues to the next-generation Lexus IS.

In fact, Lexus practically says it outright: "LF-CC displays the latest evolution of the L-finesse design language and signature spindle grille, to be reflected in future Lexus D-Segment vehicles."

Lexus also says the concept "announces" the imminent launch of a mid-sized coupe, which we imagine is a two-door version of the next IS. Slap two doors on in your mind's eye and you'll no doubt be staring at something close to the next IS sedan.


However, the crystal ball effect extends beyond just the styling - this concept also previews a new 2.5-litre full hybrid powertrain which Lexus says will soon feature in its model range.

The drive system mates a new four-cylinder Atkinson cycle direct injection petrol engine to a compact-but-powerful water-cooled permanent magnet electric motor.

No concrete figures have been divulged as yet, but Lexus does say it's targeting a CO2 emissions figure of below 100g/km and that the engine produces more than 2 horsepower (1.49kW) per gram of CO2.

This means we should be expecting an output in the region of 150kW.

Lexus hasn't shown any pictures of the LF-CC's interior yet, but the company has at least described the cabin. It has two distinct zones - an upper Display Zone that houses a multi-display screen and a lower Operation Zone that includes a uniquely-designed shift lever and a 'touch tracer' display for remote system control.

All that's left to be asked is whether or not Lexus has finally created a true 3 Series beater. This is going to be interesting.