The flood of new Porsches will continue for at least the next several years, it seems.

Porsche began re-inventing its entire range in 2009 with the introduction of the Panamera, setting new standards for sheer ugliness, followed by the face-lifted Cayenne, the new 911 and more recently, the remarkably pretty little Boxster - which proves, if nothing else, that Porsche does small cars better than it does big ones.

Next, according to Automobile magazine, will be a new Cayman later in 2012 (essentially the new Boxster with a roof, so no surprise there) with the same 195kW 2.7 and 232kW 3.4-litre flat sixes, to be followed late in 2013 by a revised Panamera (the more revised the better, we say) in standard, convertible, long-wheelbase and 'shooting brake' format.

Then there's the 918 Spyder, also due in 2013 and setting new standards for both prettiness and price. Porsche is also working on a crossover model - to be based on the Audi Q5 - and there is still a chance that the Pajun - the already-notorious mini-Panamera - could be green-lighted for 2107, alongside a completely new Cayenne and Cayenne coupé.