It might look somewhat less charismatic than the 2011 concept car of the same name, but the new Renault Captur seems intent on capturing a slice of the booming compact crossover market with an offering that balances the style and function factors.

Taking the challenge to the likes of Nissan's Juke and Kia's Soul, the Captur claims to combine the style and seating position of an SUV with the space and versatility of a compact MPV, and the agility and driving enjoyment of a small hatchback.

Renault describes its design as unpretentious yet dynamic and it will offer plenty of scope for customisation. The most striking aspect is the two-tone colour scheme that creates a contrast between the roof and pillars and the rest of the body. Numerous colour options and motifs also characterise the interior.

Yet the Captur is as much about function as it is about form and to that end Renault promises a cabin that's spacious, modular and very well equipped. In addition to a large boot, the vehicle also offers some innovative stowage solutions.

Detailed specifications will only be released at the Geneva motor show in March, but the company does state that it'll be available with a range of diesel and petrol engines, the latter offering three-cylinder turbocharged options, and that CO2 emissions levels will be as low as 96g/km on the 'greenest' models.