Toyota unveils its 86 race contender


This is the first GT4-spec Toyota 86, built by motorsport engineering firm GPRM in Buckingham, England.

It has a two-litre, direct-injection turbocharged four-cylinder boxer engine, developed from the original, naturally aspirated Subaru engine in collaboration with Nicholson McLaren Engines.

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GT4-spec Toyota 86 has a two-litre, direct-injection turbocharged four-cylinder boxer engine, good for 270-300kW.Toyota 86 endurance racer will be eligible for GT series races all over Europe.GT4 86 was prepared by motorsport engineering firm GPRM.

The GT4 86 will be shaken-down during February at a UK circuit, ijn preparation for a series of European tests and pre-season 'balance of performance' sessions organised by GT4 series organiser SRO.

GPRM directors Gary Blackham and Roger King believe the new Toyota will be a serious GT4 contender. Blackham said: “The new engine should be capable of 270-300kW, although the definitive output will be determined by the balance of performance testing.

“We've had interest from all over Europe.”

“We've worked hard to engineer reliability as well as speed into the 86.”

They've already had one firm order for a GT4 86, and GPRM is talking to a team that's keen to race one in the British GT Championship. Blackham confirmed: “The Toyota 86 will make an ideal GT4 contender in British GT, as well as in the many GT4 series all over Europe.”

GPRM started work on the GT4 project immediately after the new Toyota sports car made a successful UK race debut at Britcar24 in September 2012. It's not a factory effort, but the GT4 86 has the blessing of Toyota GB, which is providing technical support.

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