Volkswagen has 'extended' its European Golf range before the first deliveries have even taken place, effectively meaning that they've divulged more about the engine range and announced that certain models will be available with all-wheel drive.

As far as the South African model is concerned, our public relations contact at VWSA has also given us a bit more information about the local range.

The initial South African range will essentially mirror the current line-up, except at the bottom end where the 77kW/175Nm 1.2-litre TSI direct injection turbopetrol replaces the 75kW naturally aspirated 1.6-litre. Next up is the familiar 90kW/200Nm 1.4 TSI.

VWSA says the new 103kW 1.4 TSI with active cylinder deactivation (ACT) will not form part of the initial range but may come at a later stage. Since there isn't a 118kW 1.4 TSI in the German line-up, we suspect that the non-ACT 103kW engine may come here initially.

On the diesel front there's a 77kW/250Nm 1.6 TDI and a 110kW/320Nm 2.0 TDI - the latter gaining 7kW.


While not much appears to have changed as far as actual engines are concerned, the reduced weight of the new Golf (100kg) and other smaller measures result in improved economy and performance.

According to VW, the 0-100km/h sprint times are 11.9 seconds in the case of the 1.2 TSI and 9.3 seconds for the 90kW 1.4 TSI while the 1.6 and 2.0 TDI models do it in 10.7 and 8.6 seconds respectively.

VW is throwing around some impressive fuel economy numbers too. The 1.6 TDI allegedly only sips 3.9 litres per 100km on the unrealistic combined cycle while the 2.0 TDI manages 4.1. The 1.2 TSI and 90kW 1.4 TSI are misers in their own right, sipping 4.9 and 5.2 l/100km respectively.

Gearboxes on offer include six-speed manual and seven-speed dual-clutch DSG and all South African models will be front-wheel driven, although the European diesels will be offered with VW's 4Motion permanent all-wheel drive.

VWSA says it expects the new Golf to be launched in South Africa in February next year.

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