This Tupperware Taxi is the QBeak, the latest battery-powered citycar from Danish electric-vehicle company ECOmove, due to go into production later this year - if they get enough deposits.

It may look like a milk float, but it's actually quite practical - it's just three metres long, 1.75m wide and 1.63m tall, can seat up to six (funny, we always thought Danes were quite large people) and has sliding doors to reduce carpark dings.

To other cars, that is.

The QBeak has scratchproof plastic body panels that can be easily replaced if they get cracked.

According to ECOmove's publicity material, the QBeak weighs 425kg and has two 35kW electric motors, powered by six “energy modules” of 4.7kWh each - enough amperage for a top speed of 120km/h and a 300km range. Just not at the same time.

Watch the promo video.