Subaru teases hot new BRZ with #STI hashtag

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Cherry Hill, New Jersey – Could this be the Subaru BRZ we’ve all been waiting for?

Ever since the two-litre flat-four Toybaru came out five years ago, Scoobie fans have been saying, “It’s nice, but nice doesn’t cut it – it needs more bite”. But nothing has been forthcoming from Fuji Heavy Industries, other than cosmetic and minor engineering updates.

Even the Japan-only limited-edition BRZ tS boasted no more than the standard 147kW. It’s as if the Blue Meanies have concluded an gentleman’s agreement with joint venture partner Toyota to ‘play nice’.

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But now Subaru has posted this picture of a BRZ with boot-mounted STI wing on its social media pages with the cryptic message: “Stay tuned… 8 June 2017 #STI”.

The cybergarage promptly begun buzzing with rumours and speculation about the new sportster – whether it will have the 197kW WRX turboboxer (logical, but since when has Subaru been logical?), a smaller turbocharged engine (more likely, we fear) or even the fire-breathing 221kW 2.5-litre flat-four turbo of the current STI (wishful thinking, Cyril, in this political climate) – and whether it will have two or all-wheel drive.

Or maybe it’s just another dress-up exercise based on the proven two-litre mill – which would be a waste of a very sexy wing. Either way, in a week and a day we’ll know and, as soon as we do, so will you.

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