What's on - your motoring weekend


BBC Entertainment on DStv channel 120:

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is won as much in the pits as it is on the track. Here the 2011 winning Audi gets a tyre change on the Sunday morning, after nearly 20 hour of racing. Credit: REUTERS

5am: Top Gear

SuperSport HD2 on DStv channel 174:

4am: Enduro Grand Prix, Portugal

10am: Enduro Grand Prix, Portugal

9.30pm: Canadian F1 Grand Prix

11.30pm: Enduro Grand Prix, Portugal

SuperSport 2 on DStv:

1am: British Touring Cars, Round 3 - Thruxton

12.30pm: Motocross Grand Prix, France

11.30pm: The Grid

SuperSport 5 on DStv:

4.45pm: Porsche Supercup, Monaco

5.05pm: Truth In 24: Every Second Counts

6pm: Australian V8 Supercars, L&H 500 - Race 10

7pm: Australian V8 Supercars, L&H 500 - Race 11

8pm: The Grid

SuperSport 6 on DStv:

7.30am: RPM

8am: WesBank Super Series

9am: National Enduro & Off Road

8.30pm: WesBank Super Series

SuperSport 7 on DStv:

5.30pm: World Superbikes, San Marino - Race 1

6.30pm: World Superbikes, San Marino - SuperSport

7.30pm: World Superbikes, San Marino - Race 2


12.30pm: Enduro Grand Prix, Portugal

Midnight: Truth In 24: Every Second Counts

1am: AMA Motocross, Thunder Valley

2am: World Superbikes, San Marino - Race 1

3am: World Superbikes, San Marino - Supersport

4am: World Superbikes, San Marino - Race 2

Noon: Truth In 24: Every Second Counts

1pm: 1 The Grid

9.30pm: Truth In 24: Every Second Counts

8pm: AMA Motocross, High Point

5am: WesBank Super Series

1.30pm: Echo 4x4 Centre Xross Country

2.30pm: RPM

5.30pm: Kenyan National Rally, Round 3

6pm: Two Wheels

6.30pm: National Enduro & Off Road

7.30pm: Motocross Grand Prix, Portugal

8.30pm: Speedway Grand Prix, Gothenburg


10pm: Top Gear

ESPN on DStv channel 230:

6am: Nascar Highlights

6pm: Global Rallycross

7pm: Indycar Series

9.30pm: Planet Speed

10pm: Grand Am Series

Ignition on DStv channel 265:

6am: Continuous six-hour loop until midnight on Sunday

Midnight: Enduro Grand Prix, Portugal

11.30pm: MotoGP, Great Britain - Qualifying

SuperSport HD on DStv channel 171:

2.45pm: MotoGP, Great Britain - Live

5am: Truth In 24: Every Second Counts

6am: AMA Motocross, High Point

9pm: MotoGP, Great Britain - Qualifying

10.15pm: AMA Motocross, High Point

5.30am: Two Wheels

1.30pm: Truth In 24: Every Second Counts

2.30pm: Le Mans 24 Hours Live


2.45am: Top Gear

4.30pm: Top Gear

1.30am: NHRA Qualifying

4.30am: American Le Mans Series

1pm: NHRA Qualifying

7pm: Nascar Sprint Cup

11pm: NHRA Drag Racing

7pm: MotoGP, Great Britain - Main Race

5am: MotoGP, Great Britain - Qualifying

11am: MotoGP, Great Britain - Qualifying

Noon: MotoGP, Great Britain - Moto2, live

9.30am: Motocross Grand Prix, Portugal

10.30am: Two Wheels

Noon: MotoGP,British Moto2 Live

1.45pm: MotoGP, Great Britain - Main Race, Live

3.15pm: MotoGP, Great Britain - Moto3, Live

6.30pm: 1 The Grid

8pm: MotoGP, Great Britain - Moto2

9pm: MotoGP, Great Britain - Moto3

6am: Le Mans 24 Hours Live


4.10pm: Top Gear

Noon: Nascar Sprint Cup

3am: MotoGP, Great Britain - Moto3

1.30pm: Enduro Grand Prix, Portugal

2pm: MotoGP, Great Britain - Moto2

3pm: MotoGP, Great Britain - Main Race

4pm: MotoGP, Great Britain - Moto3

11pm: Australian V8 Supercars, L&H 500 - Race 10

11am: WesBank Super Series

Noon: RPM

12.30pm: Kenyan National Rally, Round 3

1pm: AMA Motocross, High Point

2pm: National Enduro & Off Road

3pm: Two Wheels

3.30pm: Speedway Grand Prix, Gothenburg


5.10am: Top Gear

9am: Planet Speed

Noon: Nascar Highlights

8pm: Grand Am Series

9pm: NHRA Drag Racing

Midnight: Australian V8 Supercars, L&H 500 - Race 11

2am: AMA Motocross, High Point

9.30am: AMA Motocross, High Point

1.30pm: The Grid

2pm: FIM Motocross, Portugal

3pm: MotoGP, British - Main Race

4pm: MotoGP, British - Moto2

5pm: MotoGP, British - Moto3

10pm: Two Wheels

10.30pm: National Enduro & Off Road

11.30pm: WesBank Super Series


8pm: Top Gear: Middle East Special

4pm: NHRA Drag Racing

6pm: Nascar Highlights

10pm: The Grid

6pm: AMA Motocross, High Point

7pm: Motocross Grand Prix, Portugal

12.30am: RPM

1am: Kenyan National Rally, Round 3

1.30am: AMA Motocross, High Point

1.30am: WesBank Super Series

2.30am: National Enduro & Off Road

7.30am: Absolute F1, European GP Preview Live


WesBank Super Series at the Top Gear Festival, Durban Street Circuit, 8am onwards.

Production Cars, Volkswagen Cup, SA Single Seaters and Lotus Challenge.

Maria Buys - 011-466-2440.

National Motocross (Round 4) and KZN Regional Motocross Championship (Round 6), Springfield, 8am.

National motocross classes, KZN Regional motocross classes and MDMX Club classes.

Hazel Cox - 082-781-2508.

National Drag Racing, Tarlton, 7am.

Adults R80, kids R40.



VKC Kart Racing, Vereeniging Kart Circuit, 8am.

Cadet, Mini Rok, Junior Rok, Super Rok, 125 GP, Maxterino, Mini Max, Junior Max, Senior Max, Rotax DD2/Masters, Clubmans/Powerstocks and X30.

Jenny de Wit - 082-776-1757.

Inland Championship, Zwartkops Raceway, 8am.

250 Super Karts, Formula Monoposto, Silver Cup, Superhatch, Team Cobra, Alfa Trofeo, Sports Racing Association, Porsche Club Challenge, Zwartkops Thunderbikes, Zwartkops Brunch Run Challenge, and Legends.

Elvene Coetzee - 012-374-5800/2.

Echo 4x4 Centre XCIJCC, Bapsfontein.

GOC Club off-road motorcycle and quad classes.


Car show, Lakeside Mall, Benoni.

Entry is free and show runs throughout each day.

Jacques - 076-958-3215


Car display, Sunninghill Village Shopping Centre, 8am to 7pm daily. Display includes a McLaren F1 and the new McLaren MP4-12C.

Jenny - 011-907-1700.


Junior Off-Road Motorcycle and Quad Regional and WCJOC Club Champs, Pronkies, Piketberg, 7am.

Regional off-road motorcycle and quad classes and WCJOC Club.

Melissa van Rensburg - 082-555-9444.

Club Drag Racing, Killarney, 7am.

Street cars and bikes invited.

Paul Simon - 021-557-1639.


Regional Harescramble (Round 3), Roseleigh Farm, Umbumbulu, 7.30am.

KZN Regional Off-Road Motorcycle and SCMSC Club classes.

Joe Ribeiro - 082-569-9358.

Top Gear Festival, Moses Mabhida Stadium.


24 Hours of Le Mans - Circuit du Sarthe, France

MotoGP - British Grand Prix, Silverstone.

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