Jeep got the world's self-appointed style critics into a frenzy when it released the first images of its new Cherokee three weeks back.

Some liked it, many didn't. In fact one of our readers - as well as a lady in the office - described it as something out of a horror movie.

Yet it wasn't completely lambasted in our reader poll. While 59 percent of respondents described it as ugly, 28 percent actually liked it and 13 percent said they didn't really mind it.

It has yet to be seen whether Jeep's bold and courageous design effort on the Cherokee will see a surge or flop on the sales charts. But one thing we do believe is that this Jeep is far from being the ugliest SUV of all time.

Just for a good laugh, we've compiled a picture set of what we reckon are the Freddy Krugers of the SUV world. Vehicles whose proportions are just so inharmonious that we're forced to ask what their designers were smoking or ingesting.

Some will inevitably ask why the Nissan Juke is missing - that's a debatable one, but there are just too many people out there that actually do like the plucky little crossover.

But what is the ugliest of the ugly? The ogre of the mutant ball? In our book, it can be no other than the Pontiac Aztec. It baffles us how a design team could have gotten it so wrong, unless they were on a rival carmaker's payroll.

Air your view below if you disagree…