British MP sues Egyptian newspaper for libel

Cairo - The second court session of a libel lawsuit against Egyptian newspaper al-Wafd filed by British MP George Galloway is expected to resume on Thursday, his lawyer said on Wednesday.

Galloway, an independent MP popular in the Arab world for his support for Palestinians and Iraqis, filed a lawsuit against al-Wafd in May for publishing "incorrect information that tarnished Galloway's reputation."

Al-Wafd published in May an article on its front page saying that Galloway received bribes from the former Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein to defend the ousted president in British parliament.

Galloway is demanding 5 million Egyptian pounds ($813 000) compensation. Galloway's lawyer, Mohammed al-Tamimi, told and the Arab world."

"The article directly harmed his (Galloway's) years of effort and support to stand in the face of the Anglo-American war against Iraq and his support of Palestinian rights," al-Tamimi said.

The lawyer added that Galloway would donate any compensation money to Iraqi and Palestinian children in addition to organisations working for the support of the Iraqi and Palestinian peoples. - Sapa-DPA

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