Can the power of prayer help Harare folks?

By Stephanie Saville

A worldwide energy healing session for Zimbabwe and its leaders, initiated by a Drakensberg resident, was held on Sunday night.

Rowan Wilkinson, who is also known for his homeopathic success with horses struck by African Horse Sickness, said that the plight of people and animals in Zimbabwe could not be ignored.

Wilkinson issued a world-wide plea via email asking people to set aside time on Sunday night to pray for those people affected by Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and the actions of his government.

Simultaneously, an energy healing session was held on a farm near Bell Park Dam in the central Drakensberg, led by Wilkinson and Barry Jacobs, who is a therapist.

Wilkinson said that the focus of the prayer session was to send the power of love to Mugabe and to enable him to pray for forgiveness. It also aimed to heal the people and animals affected in Zimbabwe.

Wilkinson said that he felt it was important to send positive energy to someone who only ever received negative energy.

He said that he had a particular wish to support the animals in Zimbabwe, many of which were abandoned on farms and left with no food.

"There are horses, cats, dogs and farm animals which are not being looked after."

Wilkinson said he believed that prayer could make a difference and urged people to join in the session.

"If you believe one person can make a difference, then pass on the thought 'I send the power to love and forgive to Robert Mugabe and I send healing to those people and animals that have been affected'."

Wilkinson said that he would be watching the news carefully to see what effect the positive energy healing session had on Zimbabwe.

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