Gay, lesbian stand at Zim book fair trashed

The gay and lesbian stand at Zimbabwe's International Book Fair in Harare has been destroyed.

Organisers granted the Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe (Galz) a stand at the book fair.

However, it was destroyed at the weekend.

The fair's executive director, Greenfield Chilongo, confirmed the trashing of the Galz stand.

Although Mugabe is unpopular for his economic policies, his anti-gay stance resonates with many Zimbabweans.

Mugabe has accused "gay gangsters" of being among the saboteurs conspiring for "regime change".

Even the constitutional pressure group, the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), has failed to get Zimbabweans to accept homosexuality.

NCA activists rejected proposals to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation during discussions on a model constitution.

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