Beaked rugby fan chirps for his team

London - A rugby-mad parrot shouts support for his favourite team in a Gloucester accent.

The three-year-old African Grey parrot called Severiano Ballesteros chants "Gloucester, Gloucester" in a West Country drawl whenever he sees his team play on television.

Owners Taffy Howell, 59, and wife Jean, 50, both rugby fans, were shocked when they realised he was a rugby fan too, reports The Sun.

Taffy said: "He talks, he swears at the ref, and he says Glawsterrr, which sounds like Gloucester with an accent.

"He's not the prettiest bird, but he's a lot of fun."

Jean said they are now trying to teach him to cheer for England during the World Cup Final at the weekend.

She said: "Seve watched England win last Saturday and he loved it - when I start cheering he gets really excited and sometimes he even asks if I want a beer.

"I've tried to teach him to say 'Come on Jonny' hopefully he can learn it in time for the World Cup Final.

"I reckon we might just do it and Seve will definitely be cheering the guys on on Saturday." -

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