Cellphone number sold for R22.5m

Cairo - A mobile number was sold for R22.5 million (2.1 million US dollars) in an auction held in the United Arab Emirates over the weekend, Al Arabiya broadcaster reported on Monday.

The mobile number, 0507777777, was sold for 7.8 million dirhams in a live auction on Saturday held for charity in Dubai and Abu Dhabi by UAE's Etisalat operating company.

A Bangladeshi man was caught with stolen cellphones and electronic equipment moments before boarding a plane at Bloemfontein airport, Free State police said. File photo: Damaris Helwig. Credit: Independent Newspapers

Around 700 bidders competed for the number. Seventy of Etisalat's exclusive number packages were auctioned, with the top 10 numbers making 13.8 million dirhams in total. The company said the buyer was an Emirati.