Motherships in the Mother City

The truth is out there – and it could be closer than you think.

Cape Town residents have been experiencing close encounters of a spooky kind in recent weeks.

Hundreds of UFO spotters have reported fresh sightings just off the coast of the Mother City.

And others have reported sightings of “ascending orbits” – better known as angels – directly over the Cape Flats.

One 34-year-old UFO expert who calls himself Jack Bauer, says our night-time skies have become a hotspot for “alien fly-bys”.

Jack, who is originally from Mitchell’s Plain, regularly visits local beaches such as Kommetjie and Muizenberg to view this “phenomenon”.

He recalls one recent sighting: “I was just standing outside my home and on this night, I called my girlfriend. I was so excited.

“There was traffic – fly-bys of crafts.

“It’s small and it’s stop-and-go like traffic.

“I visit the beach any time of the day or night to feel energies, or what we call vibrations.

“Sometimes – and only with the camera – I see these ascending souls known as angels, they’re bright circles caught through the lens.”

Jack says he has witnessed “countless” UFO phenomena.

He describes the sightings as “a rush of many stars with bright lights”.

For more than 10 years, Jack has educated himself by watching documentaries by UFO experts Robert Dean, Michael Tellinger and Wayne Dyer.

He claims the existence of the Pyramids and the Sphinx is evidence enough that our forefathers were not alone.

“I was doing scientific research and the Sphinx, which is 80 000 years old, was built by other beings.

“We are not alone, we are not alone in the universe.

“We are not alone in this galaxy, we are only a drop in the thousands in the galaxy, and we term these ‘theys’ as aliens.”

Jack also believes in alien abductions.

He says there is scientific evidence to show these “higher beings” come down to earth to carry out dissection experiments on humans.

But he claims these abductions stopped many years ago.

“These abductions and human dissections are not happening anymore,” he says.

“Those were the rogue elements of the United States when the greys (aliens) were allowed abductions and used their crafts to come here.”

Natasha Johnson has also had close personal encounters of the third kind.

The 29-year-old Muizenberg woman says her quest to discover life outside of earth began when she was a little girl.

Natasha explains she had her first experience of a sighting while walking her dogs with her father.

“Yes, I’ve seen stuff in the night skies when I was in Johannesburg, a lot of sightings happen over there,” she says.

“We were walking the dogs and it was a shooting of bright lights and it was there in a split second and then gone.”

In November, Natasha visited Johannesburg to attend the first UFO conference to be held in South Africa, which was hosted by international expert Michael Tillinger.

“As a species we have to ask those questions, that possibly there is life out there,” Natasha tells the Daily Voice.

“People’s natural response to things like this is that you’re crazy.

“Last year, I visited the first UFO conference in South Africa and it gave me comfort that normal people like myself were having the same questions.

“We are not alone and this has been proven scientifically, if we look at the buildings that exist today, some could not have been built by human kind.

“There are millions of solar systems out there and we do not know if they [aliens] will rock up and say ‘we are here’.


“Its about what you believe… we are part of something bigger.”

UFO sightings have happened right here in Cape Town.

Seeing is believing

Some even as recent as this year.

Details of these sightings were posted on the SAUFOR (South African UFO Resource) site.

The craft was flying above a cloud layer and moved at a speed of 400km/h. It was said to be red and orange and made no sound as it hovered over homes.