World's smallest pub hits the tracks

A former railway signal box is hoping to be recognised as the world's smallest pub.

The 2,4m by 2,4m Signal Box Inn at Cleethorpes has four stools and standing room for another two customers.

It boasts five hand pumps serving real, ale - and a fairly large beer garden, reports the Mirror.

Landlord Andrew MoCall, 35, has submitted his 64 sq ft local for a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

The title is currently held in the US by Sam's Bar in Colorado Springs at 109 square feet.

Andrew says: "We're so small some drinks companies won't fit equipment for us because they think we won't do enough trade. But business is booming."

Andrew is running the newly-opened Signal Box single-handed - and says he's looking for the world's smallest cellarman. -

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