Field’s Hill crash: one year later

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Durban - Friday marks a year since the horror accident that claimed 24 lives when an out-of-control truck crashed into several cars at the foot of Field’s Hill in Pinetown.

The truck, belonging to Sagekal Logistics, came down Field’s Hill and, unable to stop at robots, ploughed through an intersection, hitting the four taxis and two cars. The accident was described by many as the most gruesome in South Africa in recent history.

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The scene of last night’s horror crash on Field’s Hill was one of the worst witnessed by police officers and paramedics. One said, ‘bystanders were pointing us to bodies – everywhere’.	Picture: ER24Sanele Goodness May's lawyer asked  the Durban High Court for the case against his client to be postponed for "possible plea bargain negotiations". File photo

Swazi national Sanele May, 24, was behind the wheel and now faces 24 counts of culpable homicide, alternatively reckless and negligent driving. The State alleges that May ignored a compulsory stop for heavy-duty vehicles.

He is also charged with possessing a false traffic registration number certificate and a false public driving permit, and two counts of fraud relating to using them to get the job with Sagekal.

The case is adjourned to September 17.

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