Man shot dead days after being stabbed

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Cape Town - Ashley Claassen, 22, of Lentegeur, was recovering from a stab wound to the chest when he was gunned down in Azalia Street on Tuesday, in a suspected gang-related shooting.

But his tearful mother Dianne Claassen rejected this, saying he was a good boy and she had never had any complaints about him.

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Cape Town - 140121 - Dianne Klaasen recalls the last moments she shared with her son, 22 year old Ashleigh Klaasen, before he was shot to death in Lenteguer in broad daylight. REPORTER: ZODIDI DANO. PICTURE: CANDICE CHAPLINCape Town - 140121 - Dianne Claassen recalls the last moments she shared with her son, 22 year old Ashley,(pictured) before he was shot to death on the streets of Lenteguer in broad daylight. REPORTER: ZODIDI DANO. PICTURE: CANDICE CHAPLIN

She said the last time she had seen him she had helped wash his feet and put on his socks, as he found bending painful.

The stab wound was allegedly inflicted by his girlfriend on Saturday.

Ashley Claassen was shot in the head just a street away from his home at about 11.40am.

Dianne Claassen said as soon as she heard the shots she ran out of her house.

“People came running to me, shouting ‘It’s Ashley, it’s Ashley’ but I didn’t believe it till I saw him lying there.

“He enjoyed doing gardening, painting and reading the Bible in his spare time.

“Everybody loved him, and each time I close my eyes I just see his smiling face,” she wept.

But some residents believed that Ashley

Claassen’s death was in retaliation for a man who was shot in nearby Bignonia Street on Monday night.

A resident, who was too fearful to be named, claimed Ashley Claassen was a member of the JCY gang, also known as the “Yakkies”.

“Last night, the Yakkies killed a Nice Time Kids member, so today the Nice Times are out for revenge,” she said.

Residents said just before Ashley Claassen was shot, two young men carrying guns had run up the street.

They feared gang violence was flaring up again.

After Tuesday’s shooting, pupils from Ashley Claassen’s former school – Cornflower Primary School which is three streets away from Azalia Street – were under lockdown.

Principal Cherie Meyer-Williams said security guards only allowed parents and transport providers to enter the school.

There had been talk about gang violence in the area and she feared a resurgence.

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk confirmed the shooting and said no arrests had been made. A murder docket had been opened.

Meanwhile, in Atlantis, a 34-year-old man was shot dead and five others wounded in a shootout in Dura Park on Tuesday.

Van Wyk said the motive for the shootings was unknown, but an investigation would be conducted.

No arrests had been made, but anyone with information should call Captain Taylor at 021 571 8500.

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