Durban - A man found his murdered mother in a pool of blood on the floor of her Avoca bedroom.

Sabitha Sewlal, 73, who lived alone in Avoca Road, had been bound, beaten and choked.

Andy Sewlal, a regional manager for the KZN Department of Health, found her on Friday evening.

He told the Daily News last night of his trauma at the find. Her hands had been tied with her clothing and her face and head appeared to have been severely beaten. Robbery appeared to be the motive, he said.


Sewlal said either he or one of his two sisters checked in on his mother every day. When he got to the house, it was in darkness and all the doors and windows were locked.

“I knocked on the door and called out to her but she did not answer. I had a spare key to the front door, but it appeared to be jammed. I eventually broke the door down and went into the house.”

Sewlal said at this stage the exact cause of death was unclear. They were awaiting the post mortem.

“To see my mother in that state has left all of us traumatised. It was a brutal, senseless attack. The brutality of the crime makes me sick. I actually have no words to describe it.”

He said the house had been ransacked.

A police source said the robbers had gained entry through the roof.

“The woman was assaulted and strangled. They took the jewellery she was wearing.” - Daily News